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EU compliant legislation, advantageous tax regime and a well-regulated legal frame-work make setting up a Malta company a worthy tax-planning decision

Setting up a company in Malta can be extremely useful in international tax planning offering EU-compliant legislation, low effective tax rates, well regulated legal jurisdiction, political stability and excellent professional services infrastructure. A Malta company can be used as a holding entity or for trading purposes such as export logistics, group financing, property ownership, e-commerce, gaming or a licenced financial services institution.

Legal Set–Up

  • Public limited liability company 
  • Private limited liability company
  • Public or private investment companies – with fixed share capital (INVCO) or with variable share capital (SICAV)


Companies are usually incorporated within three working days provided all required documentation and evidence of the paid up share capital deposited at a bank are provided.


In terms of the Continuation of Companies Regulations it is possible to re-domicile companies in and out of Malta. Consequently companies that wish to register in Malta to take advantage of the low effective tax rates do not need to wind-up a foreign company and re-incorporate in Malta. Furthermore, since the foreign company will continue to exist in Malta, contracts or obligations previously entered into do not need to be reinstated.

Our Services

We have vast experience in setting up and re-domiciliating companies both into and outside of Malta as well as administering such companies and can provide the following services to our clients:

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for the setting up of a Malta company as well as re-domiciling a company into or outside of Malta 
  • Liasing with local and foreign authorities, if required
  • Provision for local registered office
  • Provision for local directors and company secretary to ensure that the company operates in line with local legislation and is tax compliant
  • Provision of Fiduciary services - we are licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as trustee and provide general corporate fiduciary service
  • Corporate secretarial services including advice on  company law requirements and ongoing compliance with local legislation
  • Commercial accountancy services